Project Spring Break


Welcome to Project Spring Break, a seduction experience like no other.

The worlds top experts in seduction and dating will be holding a week long boot camp vacation in Mexico that coincides with Spring Break 2009.

Project Spring Break is a one off experience.  Imagine having a house filled with experts in dating and seduction from all over the world and a number of chosen students to participate in the greatest LIVE learning experience the world has ever seen.

Over the course of an entire week you will learn in-person from some of the world’s most renowned experts in seduction. Project Spring Break will be lead by Adam Lyons who is rated alongside Mystery and Neil Strauss as one of the top 3 pick up artists in the world.  Guest speakers, female instructors, and leading gurus from the top pick up and seduction companies will be there to optimize your boot camp vacation. 

7 full days of theory and practice with the world’s top instructors!

Fully paid for accommodation!

Food and drinks included!

All this for just $3997

You just need to get your ass to Mexico.

Spaces will be strictly limited.

Can you picture yourself having a spring break like no other? Surrounded by beautiful girls, partying with them, see them fighting over you and have them hanging off your every word?

Spaces will be sold on a first come first served basis.  Ticket sales go live during fall 2008.

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Have you ever wondered whether it was actually possible to be able to attract any girl you want? It’s easy to read about dating tips, to sit in on seminars listening to experts relaying information on how to get any girl you want.

Yet most people don’t realize that it takes a lot of practice to be able to get to a standard where you will actually be able to get any girl you choose.

Project Spring Break is like no other training system in the world. You will get 7 days of solid theory and practice! Ensuring your skill improves at a level that will be almost unbelieveable.

Imagine being able to start a conversation with any girl you want, being able to maintain a conversation with her, without the risk of her turning into just another friend. Being able to know exactly what to say to have her desperate to be with you, and having the option to be able to choose the girl you want.

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Most bootcamps in dating and seduction last a maximum of 3 days and are reliant on the local clubs and talent to practice opening sets. With thousands of students from all across the US and the rest of the world heading to Mexico to party during their holiday there will be no shortage of practice to ensure that even those who have had sticking points for months or even years will see a considerable amount of change in their success.

Project Spring Break will give people the chance to cover more than 3 months of your average practice in just 1 week.

Featuring hours of the latest cutting edge theory everyday

Topics will include:

cold approaching

opening group sets during the day

daytime and nighttime game

anti-AMOG tactics

building brand new social circles within one week

social proofing a venue

dance floor game

ONS and SNLs

how to reduce flaking

text messaging and phone game

As well as all the usual topics you expect from a bootcamp;


building attraction

sexual escalation

Going for the first kiss


maintaining conversation

avoiding awkward silences


overcoming LMR

As if this wasn’t enough you will have access to the best instructors from all over the globe within the same house LIVE 24/7

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Learn how to;

Build new social circles!

Open dancing sets!

Social Proof a venue COLD!

Find places to meet college girls!

All this FREE and more in the 7 part ebook


Learn how to attract the hottest girls LIVE!